A Christmas Story About Candy Canes

candy cane is a common Christmas candy, usually in the shape of a red and white cane, but the color is not the same.it Known as an important candy of Christmas.

but how did they become part of the Christmas season?

Legend has the choirmaster at Cologne Cathedral was looking for a way to keep choir children quiet during the long Christmas services.

Usually at that point, a switch would be used to punish naughty children, but the choirmaster knew it wouldn’t keep them quiet for long.

Instead, he decided to give the children candy to suck on during Mass.

Presumably, he asked a local confectioner to bend a candy bar into the shape of a shepherd’s staff so that he could use the candy as a “teaching tool” during his sermons.

The meaning of the red and white stripes on candy canes

The original candy cane was pure white, which symbolized the innocence of Jesus.But adding three red stripes later, he used three small stripes to represent the stripes of our healed Jesus scourged. The big red stripe is for the promise of eternal life that Christ shed on the cross.

Why do we put candy canes on the Christmas tree?

Candy canes were first hung on Christmas trees in the mid-1800’s. In the past, it was common to have candy and baked goods hanging from holiday trees, so candy canes are a perfect addition!

Either way, Christmas lollipops are now a traditional symbol of the Christmas holiday. Today, it come in different shapes, colors, and flavors, but the red and white peppermint candy cane remains the classic choice.

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