caramelos para perritos calientes

marca : superviviga/OEM/ODM

Flavor : Assorted

personalizado :aceptamos embalajes/tamaños/estilos personalizados

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In the field of sweets, there is a peculiar delicacy that challenges traditional candy consumption norms – hot dog gummies. This quirky dessert is a blend of whimsy and culinary creativity that has captured the imaginations of adventurous taste buds around the world.

Picture yourself strolling down the aisles of a candy store, your eyes scanning the rows of colorful candies, when suddenly, something catches your eye – a hot dog gummies. Yes, you read that right. These fudge are made to resemble miniature hot dogs and come with all the fixings from buns to toppings.

So what exactly are hot dog gummy made of, and what makes it such a fascinating addition to the candy world?

ingredients: including sugar, gelatin, pectin, flavorings, colorants, souring agents, and preservatives. We understand the importance of catering to diverse dietary needs, so for our halal-conscious customers, the pectin used in our Gummy Burgers is sourced from beef and fish, completely free from pork.

We tried different sizes, shapes and flavor profiles. Some iterations aim to replicate the classic American hot dog experience, including ketchup, mustard and relish flavors, while others take a more whimsical approach, incorporating fruit flavors and bright colors.
One might wonder, what does hot dog gummies taste like? An unexpected mix of fruity flavors. The hot dog’s gummy texture also adds to its appeal. As soft and chewy as a traditional sweets, each bite delivers a delightful sensation reminiscent of sinking your teeth into a freshly grilled hot dog—sans the meat, of course.

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