Gummy Eyeballs

What Are Gummy Eyeballs?

Gummy Eyeball is a unique candy with a mesmerizing eye-shaped design. These gummies are great for Halloween or horror themed events.

Eyeball Gummies is available in a variety of flavors for a palate-pleasing experience. From fruity flavors like strawberry, grape and orange to specialty flavors like sour or filled, there’s something for everyone.

While most Eyeball Gummy Candy products contain gelatin as a common ingredient, for Muslim countries or some buyers who require halal certified confectionery we will substitute beef gelatin for pork to comply with halal eyeball requirements. Add a touch of whimsy to your snacking experience by immersing yourself in the playful and delicious world of Gummy Eyeball candies.

Where You Can Buy Eyeball Candy?

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Since 2021, Gummy Eyeballs have gained worldwide popularity, especially in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. With their unique shape and vibrant colors, these candies have become a sensation, perfect for Halloween and themed events. Enjoy the fruity flavors and playful texture of Eyeball Gummy Candy, the must-have treat for candy enthusiasts everywhere.