gummy burger

What is a Gummy Burger?

A Gummy Burger is a type of candy that is inspired by hamburgers. They have the appearance of an authentic burger, but their components are made of soft gummy candy that come in different colors. The bun, for example, is typically made from a light yellow or orange-colored gummy, while the patty is usually brown or red in color. Gummy Burgers also feature other toppings, such as lettuce, cheese, pickles, and ketchup, all made of the same chewy texture. Some brands may also include additional flavors to add to the fun.


We use pork gelatin in gummies that are intended for sale in the US. However, for some subdivided markets, like muslin countries, we change the ingredients to beef gelatin. Please carefully review the labeling, allergens, ingredients and other product information to determine if it is appropriate for you.

Where to Find Candy Hamburgers?

If you’re looking to try Candy Hamburgers, you can find them in many places. Candy stores often carry them, as they are a popular item in the candy industry. Online retailers, like Amazon or specialty candy stores, also offer a wide selection of Candy Hamburgers. If you prefer to purchase from a local store, check out your nearest supermarket or convenience store as they often have a candy section. In addition, if you want to try unique flavors or variations, you can also check out online candy stores that specialize in gourmet or international candies.