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  Gummy candy has a rich history, dating back to 1864 when the first gelatin-based shaped candy, Unclaimed Babies, was introduced by Fryers of Lancashire. However, it wasn’t until the 1920s that gummy candy gained widespread popularity, largely due to Hans Riegel in Germany. Riegel’s company, Haribo, became a major producer of gummy bears by the start of World War Two, employing over 400 people and producing tons of candy daily. Today, gummies continue to captivate candy enthusiasts worldwide with their chewy texture and delightful flavors.

What Are The Top 5 Best Gummy Brand?

1th Place: Haribo

One of Haribo’s most famous products are gummy bears, often called “gummy bears.” After its introduction in the 1920s, this gummy candy quickly became popular all over the world and became one of Haribo’s iconic products. These bear-shaped gummy candies have a soft texture and rich fruit flavor. They are deeply loved by consumers and have become fond memories of many people’s childhood.

2th Place: Albanese

Albanese is recognized for its high-quality gummy candies, known for their soft texture and intense flavor profiles, earning them a loyal following among consumers. Their candies are highly sought after in the market, especially for their unique taste and texture.

3th Place: Trolli

Trolli is famous for its innovative and quirky candy designs, offering consumers a plethora of surprising flavors and shapes. Their products not only taste delicious but also come in a variety of fun and whimsical forms, enhancing the overall consumer experience

4th Place: Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly is esteemed for its Jelly Beans, but it also offers a variety of delicious gummy candies. Known for its wide range of flavors and high-quality ingredients, Jelly Belly’s gummies are a favorite among candy enthusiasts.

5th Place: Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids is renowned for its sour then sweet flavor profile, making it a beloved brand among fans of tangy gummy candies. With its iconic shape and irresistible taste, Sour Patch Kids has secured a prominent place in the gummy candy market.

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