Gummy Candy

Welcome to Yixinfoods, where you can indulge in a variety of delicious and fun shape candy treats. Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet and chewy, we have just what you need. For those who love Halloween-inspired treats, check out our popular candy eyeballs. We also offer wiggly gummy worms that are sure to satisfy any candy craving.

Our selection includes halal options, so everyone can enjoy our candy. Of course, no candy buffet would be complete without classic gummy bears, which come in a variety of flavors. But wait, there’s more! Our giant gummy bear is the perfect addition to any special occasion or celebration.

Don’t wait any longer, stock up on your favorite soft candy treats today!

  • body part candy

    Body Parts Shape Gummy Candy

  • bracelets gummy candy

    Bracelet Gummies

    Looking for a unique treat to share with friends? Bracelet Gummies are a great option. They’re easy to wear and snack on, and the bright colors make them a fun addition to any party or gathering.

  • Brain Shape Gummy Ball Candy

    Brain Shape Gummy Ball Candy

    Made with high-quality ingredients and bursting with fruity flavor, Brain Gummy Shape Candy is a deliciously creepy way to celebrate Halloween.

  • bulk gummy candy

    Bulk Gummy Candy – OEM/ODM

    Our candy gummy wholesale program offers unbeatable deals on a wide variety of bulk gummy candy options- OEM

  • Colorful Bear Shape Gummy Candy

    Colorful Bear Shape Gummy Candy

  • donut gummy candy

    Colorful Dount Ring Gummy Candy

  • Dragon Jelly Candy

    Indulge in fruity, chewy goodness with these playful dinosaur-shaped gummies. Perfect for parties or snacking, they’re a prehistoric treat that’s sure to delight.

  • duck shape ball gummy candy

    Duck Shape Ball Gummy Candy

    With their adorable design and delicious taste, Duck Gummy Ball Candy is the perfect choice for any candy lover looking for something fun and tasty.

  • earth gummy

    Earth Gummy Ball

      Weight: 18g/10g Flavor: Fruit. Can be customized Packaging: Bulk, color bag, box. Branded package is available Brand Name: Yixinsweets,OEM

  • football shape ball gummy candy

    Football Gummy

    Whether you’re watching the games with friends or hosting a World Cup viewing party, Football Ball Gummy Candy is the perfect addition to any soccer-themed event.

  • football shape gummy ball candy

    Football Shape Ball Gummy Candy

    These gummy candies are shaped like soccer balls, making them a great choice for sports parties, game-day snacks, or just celebrating the excitement of the World Cup.

  • gummy cola

    Gummy Cola

    Gummy Cola is a popular candy that combines the sweet and refreshing taste of cola with the chewy texture of gummy candy. These candies are often shaped like classic cola bottles, making them a fun and nostalgic treat for all…

  • Gummy Food Candy

    From gummy burgers to gummy pizzas, our selection of gummy food candy is sure to delight both kids and adults alike.

  • Gummy Fruit

    Whether you prefer sour or sweet, there’s a gummy fruit flavor for everyone to enjoy.

  • Heart Shape Gummy Candy

    Gummy Hearts

    Indulge in the fruity and chewy goodness of heart-shaped gummies. Made with real fruit juice, these delicious treats are perfect for sharing with your loved ones on Valentine’s Day or any day.

  • hot dog shape gummy candy

    Gummy Hot Dog

    “Add some fun to your candy collection with our hot dog gummy candy, perfect for sharing with friends or as a quirky party favor.”