Block Gummy – 4d

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бренд : superviviga/OEM/ODM

Flavor : Assorted

пользовательский :примите подгонянную упаковку/размер/стиль

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Introducing our extraordinary 4D Gummy Blocks – a fusion of 3D creativity and deliciousness! Each block showcases intricate designs and mouthwatering flavors, creating a multi-dimensional candy experience. Dive into the world of delightful shapes and indulge in the tasteful magic of our 4D Gummy Blocks!

2 отзыва на Block Gummy – 4d

  1. hotari

    “These 4D Gummy Blocks are not only delicious but also incredibly fun! Loved the unique shapes and flavors. Will be buying more for sure!”

  2. YAHYA

    “Delighted with the 4D Gummy Blocks! Beyond tasty, the playful shapes added a fun twist. A delightful and entertaining candy experience. Highly recommend!”

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