Marshmallow xoắn

(3 đánh giá của khách hàng)

thương hiệu: superviviga/OEM/ODM

Flavor : Assorted

tùy chỉnh: chấp nhận đóng gói tùy chỉnh/kích thước/kiểu dáng

Danh mục:
Extra Features
  • Bảo đảm sự hài lòng
  • Giao hàng trên toàn thế giới
  • Đảm bảo lại tiền
  • Chất lượng cao

Marshmallow Twists have become a popular sweet treat for those with a sweet tooth. But what exactly are they? Marshmallow Twisted are a type of candy that is typically made from marshmallows. They are long, thin and twisted in shape, and often come in a variety of colors and flavors.

3 đánh giá cho Marshmallow Twists

  1. Ethan Marsh

    Tried Marshmallow Twists recently and they’re amazing! Soft, sweet, and top-notch quality. The packaging is also charming. Definitely buying again!

  2. Olivia Sweetwater

    Marshmallow Twists are a delight! Perfect sweetness, unique shape, and fantastic flavors. Outstanding quality—I’m hooked! A must-try for candy lovers!

  3. Soumaila

    “Thrilled with the OEM service for Marshmallow Twists! Exceptional quality and service. Our experience exceeded expectations. Highly satisfied with their professionalism and delicious treats!”

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